What Is More Important, Health Or Defence?

What Is More Important, Health Or Defence?

These questions often confuse a person. Some people talks about health and how important it is to have a healthy life then only you can defend yourself. Health has basic and main importance in their lives. When you’re healthy then you’re ultimately happy. Having a healthy life means having everything in your life and you are fully satisfied in your life. Having a healthy life will give you the strength to fight for yourself and defend yourself.

Whereas, on the other hand, some people support the defence and which is more important for a country. It is important to save any country’s national interest. It is important to protect a country’s defence interest. If we do not have a strong defence system it would be harmful to a country. Our military’s security and its protection is very necessary.

Importance of defence or heath

The importance of defence is more than the health of a country. If you cannot have a great defensive system in your country you won’t have a healthy life. The healthy life comes with a price. You need to have good defence stability in order to get a peaceful life. Attack has more damage not only to our troops but also to our whole system. So you need to have a healthy life as well. It depends on a person’s perception. You can not know what is more important. Both are directly proportional to each other. The health has its own value whereas defence has its own.

Thus, defence and health go hand in hand. It totally depends on the people and their thinking.

Michael Hunt