What are the tips to be followed to lead life happily?

What are the tips to be followed to lead life happily?

Happiness cannot be planned like a person plans for a big house or a new car. But it is an emotion which can surely which a person undergoes with getting what one desires for, or by doing things one loves.

Lead a Happy Life

Eat, sleep and live merry is so easier but one cannot lead life this way and so there are many other resolutions to be happy.


  • Sharing is caring


Sharing time, thoughts and feelings with others make life a joyful ride. A happier life needs trusted people around you with whom you share everything. Being with loved ones and friends makes your life pleasing. Holding hands of your beloved or spending time with your family are emotions that cannot be replaced.


  • Travel


The best recharge to body and mind is to go for a vacation. Those who cannot do this, go for a walk in nature. Refreshing your daily schedules is a pleasant way to live stress-free.


  • Contribute to someone’s life and give what you can


At the end of the day, you are going empty-handed. Give gifts and contribute to another person’s life if you can. An immense satisfaction will be received.

Be thankful for whatever you have, contentment is the key to happy living. Eating healthy, sleeping for complete hours and exercising makes life healthier and we often skip these. You can appear to be happy with back pain and sore eyes but that’s not the truth.

Michael Hunt