Umashankar Tiwari And His Mastermind Tender Scam. All You Need To Know.

Umashankar Tiwari And His Mastermind Tender Scam. All You Need To Know.

The mentioned umashankar tiwari is the alleged and accused mastermind of the gang who was responsible for the fraud, executed with a diverse number of people of different professions, from different cities in India, including several affluent and high status businessmen, by spreading a fake electronic tender on the internet media scamming people for around 300 crores in the name of the tourism department of India. The accused fraudster’s henchman came out and appeared in front of the people as a professional officer of the tourism department and presented a phony tender to acquire blankets, sheets, pillows, tents, towel supply, and other needed facilities.


What are the details involving Tiwari’s crooked activities and deception?

  • While all of this forgery and scamming activities to dupe the people was taking place, the man with the brains behind this entire conspiracy was actually in the Naini jail, in the city of Allahabad and controlled people from the inside using his influence and money. The scam artists and fraudsters allegedly took the help of the various social media websites to get their phony tender circulated all over the country and trafficked millions of rupees by duping the citizens and well endowed, propertied people.
  • Their black deeds also include scamming a movie studio owner in Mumbai and duping him of 36 lakhs of rupees by pretending that they have to make 9 documentary films in the name of the dream project of the prime minister and the chief minister of the country. They allegedly claimed to be in the middle of the process of making documentaries on the Kumbh Mela and were in the ardent need of tricycles, production tools, and equipment, rent for electronic rickshaws, money for fixing of flex banners on the sides if the road, money for road construction and so on.  The fact that the ill-minded architect of the entire plan was able to communicate and control the situation from behind the bars, makes people question Tiwari’s sources and the intensity of his evil influence that could be rooted deep within the administration.
  • They also secured around 2 crores of rupees from the tent house services of a Delhi tent owner and performed numerous other scams.

All In All, a few of his accomplices were caught hold of with the help of SIM cards and were put behind the bars. Some of the other men involved in this clandestine evil act of umashankar tiwari are yet to be found.

Michael Hunt