Get Your Party Started With Photo Booth Hire Leeds

Get Your Party Started With Photo Booth Hire Leeds


 Hiring Photo Booths is among one of the most common requirements for any party and celebration.  When you are looking for services like that. Try out these photo booth hire leeds for the best experience ahead.


Key Features:

Here are some of the reasons why several people consider the best booth as their ultimate choice:


  • Automated Photo Booths

Such a booth believes in complete customer satisfaction and to make services easier to use. All booths are simple to use and have operating services that allow them to take any number of photos that can have as well. All bookings believe free video messages that guests can use to leave you a message at your party. These video messages can be instantly made available on your web page and this is all just after the party is done.

  • Video Messages

Free video messages are among the top features that differentiate such companies from the rest. These videos can directly be captured form our booths. Added videos and printable images make sure that guests find it more amusing to use the booths for recreation.


  • Portable Files On Web

After you and all guests are done with the images and videos, they collect all related files in one folder and can provide you in USB. They also offer an option to upload these files directly to your own webpage and share with your family and friends later on. These pictures and videos can also be downloaded from Facebook and have these all printed anytime that you wish to.


  • Image Options

There are several options associated with the pictures taken through our picture booths.  Some of the more commonly used options are giving personalized messages to each and every picture that is taken. The other options include resizing photos from larger to passport size. Your wedding parties, prom nights and graduation celebrations can all be coloured and captured with such high-tech booths.


  • Sink Options

They have designed photo booths in such a manner that it can be customized as per the nature of the event.  If you have any special logo or a customized message for the occasion, photo booth hire leeds will make it happen by adding it all your photos.


  • Unique Props

How about taking pictures and capturing these with different props?  All photo booths come with different props such as funky hats, bags, glasses and many more. Sharing these files with your mates on Facebook is amazing fun.


  • Customised Booths

All photo booths are equipped with green screens, and the background can be changed as per your requirements and expectations.  Various actions and angles that our booths are capable of taking pictures to add more options to your services.


There are not many occasions when we find time to have great fun with our buddies. Capturing some of the most memorable moments of your life with our photo booths will be an extremely amazing experience at very affordable rates.


Michael Hunt